Words are a written confine in regards to the true meaning of painting. Art is a language in and of itself, to be used as a form of self-expression. I want to make you react to it in some way. Whether it is an idea, feeling, or even a brief emotion. It does not require words to explain it, it is illuminated into understanding by you.

 I am in love with the process of what it takes to create art - to get to that final conception. Without formal commitments I am an avid explorer. As a former field ecologist, living in the tropics, I found profound beauty in the intricate interaction of species and nature. My natural curiosity of this epitome of complex ecosystems drives my inspiration to explore light, colors and form.

To see and feel the world in color, sometimes even black and white, is who I am. Maybe it is because I come from the tropics, were color and light are a continuous sensual experience. My soul is alive and vibrant, so I paint in brilliant hues. I am, as a tropical orchid, blooming in colors just some are able to see.